Beirut Terraces is offering the opportunity to rent a dream apartment with the option to own it within a period of 3 or 5 years. This exclusive product is offered on selected apartments with the possibility to benefit from a home loan facility that may be granted by Bankmed subject to eligibility requirements and terms and conditions applied by Bankmed.



Rent to Own

Selected Apartments


Rental Period

3 or 5 years

Cap Rate

For 3 or 5 years, annual rent is at a preset percentage of the discounted apartment price

Rental Payment Deduction

100% of the cumulative annual rental payments will be deducted from the selected apartment’s discounted price

Down Payment



The right but not the obligation to purchase the rented apartment

Exercise date

At year end of each calendar year

Benefits of the Rent to Own Program include:


  • Rent in one of the most luxurious buildings in Downtown Beirut with an option to own

  • Lock the price of the apartment ahead of time

  • Avoid the financial weight of a down payment

  • Build equity through interest free installments for 3 or 5 continuous years

  • Benefit from a home loan facility from BankMed upon exercising option to own*

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*Disclaimer: The “Rent to Buy” product is offered on selected apartments and is subject to terms and conditions.

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